Wholesale Connectivity & BGP Internet access

If you require connectivity locally (site to site) and to / from London or wholesale internet transit including BGP in the Dorset and Hampshire area we can help.

We have a diverse fibre ring running around the area, as well as a comprehensive FWA microwave network. We can provide connections from 100mb to 10G, and diversity using microwave and fibre from multiple providers, including ‘same ip’ failover across multiple mediums.

We can supply a bespoke package, and can even aggregate multiple services onto a single bearer, EG 1GB Lumen transit + 1GB LINX + 1GB layer 2 link to Telehouse North, on a  10G bearer.

Dorset and Hampshire internet connectivity has never been better, and with our flexible product options you can ensure your customers have the best possible internet experience with the resilience to back it up.

Interested? Contact us for further information.